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Customise "New Crash Issue" Slack message body (e.g. add Custom Fields)

Hi Martin,

We've had the Slack integration set up for the last year or so and get a lot of value out of it; however the main thing we need to know when we see a new crash report come in is identify what user (for which of our customers) the crash occurred for.

We have this information stored in Custom Field data, so pretty much every time a crash comes in, someone has to click the link in Slack, log into Tracepot, click Crashes then click one particular crash, then copy/paste the data from the "Custom data" tab into Slack for other coworkers to see at a glance.

Overall this is pretty inconvenient, and it would be really helpful if all the information we needed was posted to Slack along with the "New Crash Issue" message.
However, I'm not sure what the best way to achieve this is. Since we're all software developers too, ideally there would be some way for us to modify / hook into the notifications ourselves and customise the output ourselves?
Failing that, some UI elements allowing us to specify Custom Fields to include in the "New Crash Issue" message body would also work.

Either way, open to any ideas/suggestions or help you can offer!


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Andrew Beveridge shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
under review  ·  AdminMartin Milesich (CEO / Founder, Tracepot) responded  · 

Hi Andrew,

After closer review this may not be possible to do the way you requested it.

Notification is send only for new crash. As you know new crash is based on the hash created from crash report fields. Custom Field data are not used to generate the hash so you may have multiple users generating the same crash. We can send any Custom Field data in the notification but this will be misleading as what you really get is data from the first report that generated this new crash notification.


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