How do I use release/develop switch?

If you do not want to mix crashes together from production and development version of your app there are several ways how to do it. All these options will set crash report as coming from a development version of an app. Just pick one to use it:
  • You can use custom parameter called "TRACEPOT_DEVELOP_MODE": 

    Add this line to your code:
    // MODES: 1 - development; 0 - production
    ACRA.getErrorReporter().putCustomData("TRACEPOT_DEVELOP_MODE", 1);
  • Change your package name:

    If your application PACKAGE_NAME has suffix ".debug" the ".debug" part will be striped from the name.

  • Set BUILD_CONFIG.DEBUG to true:

    Since ACRA 4.6.0 BuildConfig is included in crash reports and Tracepot will mark reports according to "BuildConfig.DEBUG".

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